State of the Koala

Where We Are

Koala Software is a (VERY) small development house with at this point not much in the way of track record. Right now, we’ve got very little that is earth-shattering. Our software catalog currently stands at a android clock widgets, an android drum kit and a flash sheep-herding game. I’ll understand if your socks are not yet blown.

This is of course the start, and thus yes we won’t be producing the next Minecraft just yet. We’re ok with that.

We don’t yet have the capability internally to produce the bigger applications in terms of either time or resources. At this stage, that is normal.

The Immediate Future

We plan to create more small Android apps and widgets initially to get a feel for the development tools around Android and Java so that we have a firm base on which to build the larger items at a later date.

Among the short term plans are some upgrades to the drum kit app to make it a bit more exciting visually and nicer to use (and try to reduce audio latency on pre-Jelly Bean devices though frankly this may prove tricky).

The next step (which will take longer) is to build Android Sheep Game. We have Flock Off which plays reasonably well but from which lessons have been learned. In terms of how the new version is likely to differ, I’m looking at removing the bees or making them less of an issue (or perhaps an antagonist on a fixed patrol path) and focusing on speed of movement rather than coin-collecting (which was a pretty serious misstep in hindsight).

Additionally some puzzling elements should give the game a bit more long-term life (I’m thinking at the moment about attaching magnets to sheep, or having some sheep afraid of some objects and attracted towards others, the option to spray sheep-repellent on things on the screen etc.

All this will take time, but we will then hopefully have a more enjoyable and more rounded game experience for you to enjoy.

Of course we know this isn’t going to set the world on fire just yet, but hopefully it’ll be a fun little puzzler to introduce ourselves to the gaming world (incidentally we do plan to produce a Windows version once we’re happy with the Android version, the odds are it should be a simple enough porting exercise).

What is important is that this exercise will build a tool set which will move us along a path which we plan to bring us out somewhere near Sim City Classic, Theme Park/Hospital, Mega-Lo-Mania and Powermonger in terms of games which are accessible, enjoyable and strategic.

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